Auction DNA is the most powerful eBay research tool on the market. We do the all the work of researching eBay, compiling all the best data so you can focus on what's important...making money!
Learn what sells best

Research the products you want to sell on eBay before buying inventory. How saturated or open is the market for the items you're considering selling? What percentage sells successfully? Auction DNA's tools will help you find the right products to sell.

Increase Listing Success

New to eBay? Auction DNA will instantaneously show you when to list, what day, what listing upgrades to use, and what keywords to use in your title so your listing has maximum exposure to eBay buyers.

Freshest eBay data

With Auction DNA you'll be using the latest available eBay data to conduct your listing research. Why settle for old, crusty data when you can have the freshest eBay data around to optimize your listing?

Simple to use

No instruction manual necessary. Sign into Auction DNA, and do what you came to do without the hassle of learning how to use it. In case you get stuck though, we've included some tips to help you out along the way!

Auction DNA
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